What topics would you like to hear?

Harmony is hilarious. He views the downtrodden and hard luck cases without judgement, or makes a real effort not to, and is courageous in not giving in to the temptation that a character has to be only good, or bad…

I have found the beautiful woman who was recording with Dan Auerbach and friends – Valerie June.  What a sweet creature she is. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/923319556/valerie-june-captures-little-ole-sound-on-a-sparkl.

So, What topics would you like to hear my doofus motivational speaker speak about? Harmony and I will review the answers, and lucky inquisitors could have their questions featured in the film. I am trying to work out a regular time to call winners personally, and answer them in character. If we have permission from you, we may use the recordings in the film.  Dont’ be gross, but silly and colorful is good, like cotton candy.

We film in Nashville. I love Nashville. Apparently we had kin that owned a big farm long ago, but we lost it. Any one know any Kilmer history out there about the folks from the south?

“I want to catapult you into the fourth dimension.” Hector from LOTUS COMMUNITY CENTER

Going to Lauren Hill, Muse and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE